Values: Code of Conduct

ADVISORY is committed to responsible behaviour at economic, social and environmental level, and to the pursuit of a sustainable future. To this purpose, we totally comply with a Code of Business Conduct which sets out the guidelines for our firm to manage business in full respect of ethical values and integrity.

It aims to regulate ADVISORY’s decisions and initiatives as well as the company’s behaviour as a whole and the behaviour of the individual employees. It is also designed to comply with the laws which regulate all aspects of our professional work.

Obviously enough, our Code of Business Conduct cannot be exhaustive, but it definitely sets some basic standards of behaviour. Moreover, in order to facilitate the practical implementation of the document’s tenets, we have also included some behavioural guidelines for anyone, any institution or client that in different ways interact with ADVISORY.

Some items of the code specifically refer to the professional ethical standards, which all members and employees are asked to comply with. Both the general and the specific guidelines of conduct are therefore an integral part of the Code of Conduct (collectively referred to as the "Code of Business Conduct").

The Code of Business Conduct, developed and accepted by all the members unanimously, is reviewed periodically and may be revised, if necessary. To ensure that business ethics is considered to be a crucial issue and felt as such within the company, we designed and launched a training program for all employees and also for external entities to raise their sense of awareness for a rigorous compliance with the rules contained in the document.